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2011 IMC Musical Rights Award

Tallinn, September 28th 2011 - In the setting of the 4th IMC World Forum on Music, the International Music Council staged the award-giving ceremony of theIMC Musical Rights Awards on September 27th 2011.

The IMC Musical Rights Awards were once again given to programmes or projectsthat support in an exemplary way one or more of the five musical rightsenunciated by the International Music Council. The Awards are a way to encourageIMC members and other organisations to give active support to the musical rights.

This Award is a symbolic and active recognition of the effort that is brought byeach actor involved to the nominated projects and programmes.

The IMC Musical Right Awards ceremony offered the stage for an inspiringexchange of knowledge and experience when the winning projects andprogrammes were presented to the audience. An overall winner and two secondwinners were honoured and three other projects received a special commendation.

The overall winner of the 2011 IMC Musical Award is Music. Play for Life.The Australian programme focuses in a unique and comprehensive manner onpromoting and enhancing school music education in a nation state. Consequently,every young person in Australia is its beneficiary. The programme hence supportsthe right for all to learn musical languages and skills, subsequently also, due to itscontent, the right for all to express themselves through music, and to have accessto musical involvement through participation, listening, creation and information.Music. Play for Life is a programme of the Music Council of Australia and hascooperation from the Australian Music Association, the Australian Society for MusicEducation and the Australian Music Therapy Association.

The IMC Musical Rights Awards 2011 were furthermore presented to Hearts in Harmony in Barcelona and Teaching Cantonese Opera in Hong Kong Schools.

Hearts in Harmony in Barcelona aims at including people with various handicapsand disabilities in choral music making. It builds on two very important principles;that those with defined disabilities be integrated with musicians and other musicmaking people who have not had their possible disabilities defined; and that thoseresponsible as leaders and conductors for the integrated ensembles throughspecialised studies be prepared to create a natural unity of those making music.The programme therefore focuses more on abilities than disabilities.RELEASEThe project is hosted by the Secretariat de Corals infantils de Catalunya and wasnominated by two IMC members: Moviment Coral Català – Mediterranean Office for Choral Music, and the European Choral Association - Europa Cantat.

Teaching Cantonese Opera in Hong Kong Schools focuses on a form of musicwhich is unique, and which needs special attention and care as not to be forgotten.At the same time it provides young people with a demanding and indeedexpressive musical language. This requires collaboration on a high level between,highly specialised performers, music educators, researchers, and students. In thisway it benefits close to one million students and some 5000 teachers. Theprogramme stands out as a strong source of inspiration for those who have thecourage to embark upon more complex and demanding musical journeys.The programme is hosted by the Hong Kong Institute of Education and wasnominated by the International Society for Music Education (ISME).

In addition to the three Award winners, the following three projects received aSpecial Commendation:

Espace Akto (African Academy of Choral Music, Democratic Republic of Congo)for the excellent opportunities it offers to a large population to making choralmusic and for continuously developing their artistic quality and enhance theirchoral ambitions.

The National Youth Orchestra of Iraq for the inventive and forward-looking ways in which it enables boys and girls toparticipate in collective music making.

The Polifonia Network for Music (European Association of Conservatoires)for the invaluable impact this programme has had and is still developing in Europeand beyond in the field of higher music education.

The ceremony was accompanied by music performances by the Flemish jazz trio De Beren Gieren from Ghent – UNESCO City of Music, in collaboration with therenowned Estonian jazz guitarist Jaak Sooäär.

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