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Hip Hop as a tool for social change

This interactive workshop was led by James Alberts aka Jimblah. Following a short introduction to the history of  Hip Hop, which gave the participants a picture of the possible reasons for hip hop's early development, Jimblah underlined that music can give strength to rise up against social problems - such as racism or self-esteem issues - and therefore can be used as a tool for social change. Hip Hop is a global language emerging autonomously in areas of oppression and social discrimination. It is an art form which has no boundaries but allows the artist to explore their feelings in an honest way through rhyme and storytelling. To help the audience to understand the need for honesty in the hip hop culture, Jimblah explained the meaning of the typical Hip Hop gesture and its relation to true feelings and to the wish to support the expression.



Video of the Hip Hop as a tool for social change session

Photos by Vahur Lõhmus. All rights reserved.

Video by Marek Vilba. All rights reserved.


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