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Music and development: New markets, emerging talents

This session was a special highlight of the World Forum on Music in Tallinn and was run by Selam and New African Voices. Hosted in the Bonnie&Clyde Nightclub it set a relaxed atmosphere to the audience to enjoy the impressive concert given by the African New Voices as an example for successful African music market output.

Loulou Cherinet shared Selam’s experiences of broad sector development such as training in professional skills.

The mission of Youssou N’Dour’s New Africa, of which the New African Voices are part, is to change the internal and external perception of Africa from negative to the opposite and to create possibilities for artists to reach a global audience with greater ease. The two extraordinary musicians Carlou D. and Suzanna Owiyo provided an amazing insight into the talents, which are supported by New African Voices sending out the message of peace, harmony and justice in an interactive way, which really movined the audience. Thereby the session highlighted how much talent there is in African music, however it is precluded from developing by the lack of structure, respect for women, the honesty of some managers and the common devaluation of music.

The discussion that followed was moderated by Dudu Sarr and covered many different aspects of the African music market. It underlined that there is a need to deconstruct the unified image of Africa, because in reality there are big differences in the development of south and north, east and west Africa. Furthermore it was mentioned that the music markets in Europe and Africa are incomparable because they are built up completely different and their development follows different paths. The European music market faces changes with the decrease of the recording industries, whereas the African music market struggles with the audience’s habit of going to concerts for free. Even though both markets suffer from violation of existing law related to copyright and editorial right, the way in which violation occurs differs. In Africa the biggest problems, related to this issue, are caused by illegal usage of mobiles, in Europe illegal downloads the world wide web are the most important challenge to address.

Video New African Voices

Photos by Vahur Lõhmus. All rights reserved.

Video by Marek Vilba. All rights reserved.


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