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Rehearsing for change: how conservatoires globally seek to prepare musicians for their vision of tomorrow

This session, coordinated by Jeremy Cox, explored the diversity of ways in which conservatoires around the world view the future for professional musicians and how higher music education institutions world-wide are addressing the challenge of preparing young musicians for this future.

Wang Yaohua spoke about the history of Chinese music, with its excellent traditions and profound heritage, and of the challenge currently being faced by music institutions in China in passing down this rich music tradition at a time when the younger generation tend to reject all things 'old'. He spoke of the effective measures which need to be taken for traditional Chinese music to form the basis for the new era of music cultures with Chinese characteristics, which included the teaching of musical performing arts, theories, aesthetics and values as well as identification of folk culture in colleges across China.

Gretchen Amussen believes that European conservatoires are key actors in creating the music profession and that there is a need for these conservatoires to become innovatoires which help invent tomorrow’s profession, while also preserving the inheritance of the great traditions that are theirs. She shared her experience on preparing society and the education system for new paradigms concerning artists integration, tradition, creation, pedagogy, audience trends and a globalised market, and spoke of a need for the acquisition of new competencies and a large capacity to adapt.

Hisham Sharaf gave a response to the discussion.

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Video of the Rehearsing for a change session

Photos by Vahur Lõhmus. All rights reserved.

Video by Marek Vilba. All rights reserved.


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